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There are many firearms / personal security experts who recommend the lever rifle for home defense. Just look at YouTube for many examples, but to name a few, Ralph Mroz, Michael Bane, Steven Wenger, etc. The limiting factor on use of the lever rifle is the ability or lack of ability to add tactical lights and optics. Even the "angle eject" Winchester 94's, and I've got a few by the way, have scope mounting options that are not really useful for anything other than traditional telescopic scopes. Red dot optics can not be mounted to those rifles. Not wanting to start a Winchester vs. Marlin debate, but I will just say that although Marlins can be drill/tapped for more flexible mounting options on top of the receiver, they are more big and clunky, less "handy", than the Winchesters and I would not want to be in the middle of defending myself and have the dreaded "Marlin Jam" happen to me.

So, putting all of that together, there is probably a role for the Mossberg "tactical" lever rifles. I never got one, because I don't need it (have other options for home defense), but I am not opposed to their product and like i said, the concept of the lever action personal defense rifle is a good one that has backing from some of the more practical trainers who do not just fall for whatever the latest craze is at the moment. For example, Ralph Mroz talks about lever rifles for home defense in books and articles from over 10 years ago.
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