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In some of these posts I perceive a disdain for those who have had mental problems.

I notice it to the point it approaches a bigotry based on fear and ignorance.

We gun owner and supporters of the second amendment do not want to be smeared because some people holding guns kill people.Most gun owners do not.Some mentally ill people kill people.Most do not.

I have seen a person be taken by paranoid schizophrenia.It is sad,tragic.It is a horrible,painful disability that deserves compassion.No.not guns.But not the attitude,either.

I do not advocate selling guns to folks like that orange haired guy who shot up the theater.

I also do not advocate arms for those who batter their wives.

Yet some men lose their RTKBA for raising their voice,or restraining someone for trying to drive drunk...we have all heard stories.In the town I live in,if you are a college student who had a couple of beers and you get caught urinating in an will be charged with a sex crime because you were exposed,and you will have to register as a sex offender.

We have all heard of well intentioned laws designed to prevent child abuse turning into nightmares for decent parents trying to cope with a difficult child.Old school that I am,I believe a teen boy who says the wrong thing to his mother might deserve a slap across the face.Social workers may not agree.

Laws,well intentioned,that give power to beauraucrats WILL be abused.

Beauraucrats often believe in big,restrictive,powerful government.Add an agenda,a party line,and we live with a monster

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