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Scream all you want, clicking the action or simply pulling your gun out of the holster and having a bear simply run off most likely won't happen like Skidder said he has had happen to him.
That is why I said combination of factors.
I never claimed that clicking a gun, in isolation, would be sufficient. I said that such an alien sound as a click of a gun along with a whole lot stack of even stronger alien signals would make a bear less sure of its actions.
I believe that the mere fact that the bear was faced head on with full eye contact may well have been enough given that humans would not be giving any of the signals of their natural prey unless the person started running away.

Animals don't attack without reason.
They attack for food, defence of self, territory, young or mating rights. If they can get the desired affect by intimidation it is to their advantage as they avoid risk of injury themselves, hence why bears often do fake charges.

Let's be honest here, on this forum, and all others most of us have not been charged, attacked or chewed on by a bear, just a lot of "what if" scenarios posted everywhere.
And yet you're the one who tried to pull apart first hand accounts of certain members....
By your own logic, perhaps you should give those who have been charged some credence...

Incidentally, please use the quote button in the reply box tool bar: it is the speech-bubble icon: much easier to see what is your text and what is being quoted...
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