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This is extremely far from an area that I can speak to with any authority, but I have been anxious to learn more about the Slaughterhouse case, and the ramifications of it's rulings regarding P&I. I was thinking of starting a thread discussing it in greater detail, and am glad it has been done. I need a greater understanding of how P&I applies, and why the courts have been so reluctant to go near or touch it. (what was the original intent, and how did they destroy it, or did they? What was it meant to do or convey originally, and what does it do or convey now?)

As intended, I see P&I as a good thing, and something that the court has sought to limit or ignore? Something that severely limits their power, and amplifies our arguments? Someone please explain this. I made it about a quarter of the way through the original papers on the rulings, and I think those brain cells are forever silenced as a result....
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