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Another unpopular opinion I hold is that .45 Auto sucks somethin' awful out of short barrels. Velocity, energy and penetration plummet and reliability (in most subcompact .45 Auto platforms) suffers.
Plummet? Maybe plummet is a relative term and is interpreted differently by different people.

I question the use of the term "plummet" since this past week I got around to running my .45ACP Hornady carry rounds over my chronograph. Out of the 3.3" barrel of my Springfield XD-S....(they don't make too many other .45's any smaller or lighter), the Hornady loads clocked 851 FPS @ 10' from the muzzle. According to the specs on the ammo box (with no barrel length stated), Hornady claims 900 FPS at the muzzle.

I'm sorry, but I don't see a 49 FPS drop in velocity as plummeting....and certainly not in the "sucks" category. I doubt you could tell the difference if getting hit with two bullets, one at 900 and the other at 851 FPS. You stated your opinion is construed as unpopular.....maybe because the real numbers don't back it up?

I know you said "most subcompacts".....but the same round goes faster out of my other XD45 subcompact. (I picked the slowest velocity I've measured to date out of the four .45ACP pistols I own.)
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