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Yeah, it's inevitable.

Eventually the LEO's will get bad information.

Eventually someone will transpose two digits on a search warrant, mix up
street, avenue, boulevard, etc.

Eventually while apprehending one criminal that's a danger for society, bystanders wlll be shot, by one side or the other.

Eventually, the deaf man walking down the street will be tackled, assaulted, and detained when he doesn't respond in any way to the challenge of the law enforcement officer- because he was literally deaf to those orders.

We can argue theory all day long. Eventually theory has to be applied to reality. People make mistakes. It's in the nature of people. Being forcibly detained because you couldn't hear the LEO over the music in your earbuds doesn't rise to anywhere NEAR the same level of "mens rea" as using a phone book in an interrogation room to beat a confession out of someone.
I agree that mistakes are bound to happen. But if laws were more clearly made, lines more clearly drawn, and punishment more swift and sure, both for those who break laws, and for the occasional "mistake", I think we would see a lot fewer laws broken on purpose, and a lot fewer laws broken by "mistake" or other such grievances laid to the shoulders of honest men without reason.

The problem is, criminals do not fear being criminals, and "honest" men who would make "mistakes" against honest men all too often do not fear repercussion either. Else why would we have supposed representatives and others in government who do not lend ear to the people, or fear what will happen if they don't?

You can claim you are acting in my best interest all you want, or that it's for the children, or my own good, but it's hard to believe you when you are taking things that belong to me, and trampling my rights. I can never see such actions as being for my own good. God created me, and gave me my own rights, and my own ability to decide what is good for me. It just so happens that a great deal of those rights were recognized by our brilliant founders, and enshrined in our foundational documents. I will not see them stripped from hand, or give them up willingly for false promises of compromise that is never, ever compromise, only control, and a tighter leash.
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