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That's very much what I'm saying Jimdandy. I don't see these laws affecting the people they are meant to target.

Ask yourself these questions.

1) Of the last ten incidents like this is there even one where these laws would have completely stopped the shooter? Not slowed them down, or made them choose another alternative, conclusively stopped them and prevented the tragedy.

2) How will they conclusively stop the next one?

3) How do they address the fact that we are dealing with people who simply don't care about right and wrong let alone about what laws say?

4)How do they address the fact that you are dealing with people who are obsessed and are almost inhumanly patient when it comes to spending time to get around restrictions?

The NRA solution solution of putting armed guards in the schools satisfies a lot of these questions, but even if that succeeds they will simply redirect them away from the schools. That's a helpful, if not completely effective, tactic in my opinion.
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