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Thanks for the replies, sorry, haven't had a chance to come online since making the post. Definitely gives me some stuff to think about. The reason I wanted something light was due to where I plan to hunt - I can drive out, but have to hike about 3 -4 miles or so out to where I usually camp. 10lbs isn't too bad, especially with a sling. I usually have a pack with me full of gear and camping stuff, so I just wanted to limit the amount of added weight with the rifle, but then 2 extra pounds shouldn't be a big deal. AR-10's are cool, but I think since I already have an AR platform rifle, I will go with a bolt action or the M1A.

A buddy of mine said I should just buy everything separate and build my own bolt action with high grade parts, rather than buy a Remington 700 or a Savage and then changing out the stock and such. Will have to look into nice barrels, triggers, and receivers and see what I can put together.

What stocks do you all prefer? Have looked at quite a few. While the one I posted a link to is cool, it is definitely going to add weight and bulk. I just like the idea of being able to use Magpul accessories and having all those pieces of rail available.

Any good recommendations for websites that have bolt action parts (barrels, receivers, etc.) that I can drool over?

@Eppie: Those are definitely nice. May go hog hunting in Texas, but I may just use my AR for that. Just need to figure out how to get the meat back to Oregon or Colorado, depending on where I'm living.

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