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Thank you Crusty

Having done exactly what you said, I think maybe I need to find a way to break the square key free from the rod. Then of course I'll need to peen or cement it back I guess once I have it in the right place.

lee could have been better with their instruction manual, but after 48 years of using and writing jet airplane tech manuals I should be able to figure out a simple loading press. I'm embarassed to even have to ask, but I've tried for a few hours to figure out why this thing wont turn and I guess it just has to be loosened from the shaft. As it is, the rod begins to deform under the wrench before the square index piece will move. Maybe I just need to apply more force???
I hope I don't sound disrespectful to any offering help and advice. Just frustrated and I'll be much better tomorrow.

I do appreciate you guys.
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