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OK, so I'm doing something wrong...

The turret stops a good 1/8 inch from being centered, and is well off the ball detent. It does that by it'self. I can't influence that just by pulling the handle.

The instructions say in that case to hold the square rod with a wrench and simply turn the turret to the correct place. Problem is, it won't turn with any reasonable force.

Before I take the index rod off and get real seriousl about releasing the square key (I call it a key, it may be called something else but they dont tell me) I hoped to learn whether I'm missing something or whether it needs to go back. I've waited months already and would really like to just be able to turn that key a couple of degrees and then make it fast again. Obviously it has to be solidly fixed in place or it would get out of time in a hurry. So what am I missing?
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