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Article on Gabby Gifford's op-ed in today's NY Times

The attached link will take you to a WSJ article about Congresswoman Giffords' article in the NY Times. The article was entitled "Gabby Giffords Poisons the Well." Its subtitle was "The incivility and unreason of her case for gun control."

This WSJ article does not cover the entire Giffords' article chastising the Senate over not passing the President's bill, but it does step you through the content and labels the arguments showing point by point the inconsistencies and faulty logic she uses. Her article was entitled "A Senate in the Gun Lobby's Grip," and the link is below.

Goodness knows nobody has a better right to feel strongly about guns than the person almost murdered with one, but this article shows that emotion does not trump fact.

I thought the article was a good primer on how one might recognize fallacious arguments about topics discussed around the office water cooler--especially the gun debate.

Here is the WSJ article:

Here is the Congresswoman's article:
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