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He doesn't have the first clue what he's talking about. All of this nonsense about the NRA being "the gun lobby," as if it represents some massive, ultra-powerful gun manufacturing industry or something, is spewed by the gun control proponents to mislead people. Gun manufacturing is about a $12 to $15 billion industry. That's tiny when compared to the big financial, banking, defense, retail, and so forth companies, where each individual company is significantly larger than the entire gun manufacturing industry.

There is no way on Earth such a little industry could have the financial capability to finance what is the most powerful lobby in the country. What makes the NRA so influential is the massive amount of American people who support it. It is the largest civil rights organization in the country with four million, and now maybe five million, members, but it also has the ear of about 10X that many non-members who look to it for advice on the issue. I'm not saying they follow it like lambs, but they at least listen to it nonetheless. That means that the NRA has some degree of influence with about 40 to 50 million people in this country.

THAT is what makes it so powerful. The reason the NRA has so much influence in America is because the NRA, to a good degree, IS America. he also talks about "hunters," as if the Second Amendment has anything to do with hunting. He also talks about "assault weapons" and "high-capacity magazines," which means he's clueless as to what those terms really mean.

As for this claim about the 90% statistic, what is also ignored is that even if true, a whole lot of the people answering it are not giving an informed answer. For example, I think it's about 60% polled were in favor of an assault weapons ban. I'd be willing to bet that if you explained in detail the facts to every one of those polled, the support for an AWB would go down to something like 40% or 30% or less. The only people who would support such a ban are those who just don't believe in guns.
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