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Firearms of Haiti

Hello everyone,

As some of you may know im not currently living in the great US of A. I live in the People's Republic of Haiti. Im about 6 months into a 1 year contract and my trigger finger is getting so itchy i went and bought some Hydrocortisone cream to relieve my "urges".

Every once in awhile i get a small glimpse of some of the hobby we all enjoy back in the states. Be it a security professional with a pistol grip shotgun, or someones personal protection pistol Glock or Sig. In case some of you are wondering you can own firearms here, as long as you get the license. Mostly limited to Handguns for personal protection, or a shotgun for hunting birds.

Anyway about 3 months ago i took my mother and girlfriend out to a beach resort (yes they exist in Haiti ). Part of this resort was a colonial Museum. The museum was built into a building that sat on a sugar plantation and was once the main processing house to turn sugar cane into what they called a sugar "cake". It was an amazing piece of history that contained cannons and cannonballs they used at a nearby fort, shackles that were used to punish slaves that tried to escape, and even the ruins of the aqueduct that supplied water to the plantation.

The one exhibit that I was drawn toward the most was a rack of old rifles that the owner of the property had found while walking around the grounds shortly after he bought the place. most of the rifles had been severely neglected and were in no way functional. But i still got warm and fuzzies from seeing some neat old guns, some of which were probably used in Haiti's revolutionary war!

The only one i could identify was a Winchester repeater on the far right of the pictures.

If anyone could give me any more information on any of these rifles i would be most appreciative. If you would like a few more close ups Ill add some pics on request. Enjoy

this little guy looked like he wanted his picture taken sitting on top of his cannonball

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Molon Labe

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