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I agree with above post.

I just looked into the 669 and it looks to be Taurus's equivalent to a S&W "L" frame revolver, not unlike a S&W 686. It also looks like a very nice revolver from pictures/videos and reviews. If this is the case, then I would keep it for sure.

I just did my pistol permit class, so I'm no expert and probably the furthest from it.. but I did fire a S&W 686 4" with .38 rounds and it was a breeze to shoot. In fact, I thought it was milder to handle then the 9mm alloy-framed semi-auto we shot that day. The young lady in the class was about 5'-nothing and 100 lbs soaking wet and she fired it with zero issues. and even commented on how light the recoil was.

I say try it before you get rid of it... because it looks like it might be perfect to get her into shooting. Too big to carry, but perfect for range and home defense.
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