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As the OP of this thread, I did not even think about having ammo stored in the safe. I have a bunch of different calibers in there. Enough to take up 2 shelfs. Might even have 10 magizines for the AR and SKS in there full along with round in a bunch of magazines that are in the gun boxes.

Got to think about removing all the ammo out of the safe. Could store it where I used to store the guns before I had the safe. It is VERY secure just not fire proof or retartent. The questions that I am kicking around is, I have up dated the security system in the house and who ever breaks in better be out VERY quickly. So I am not really worried that much about the guns getting stolen. But the fire is a different question.

The guns are insured (but some could not be replaced) but the ammo is not.
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