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NRA members compared to those of TFL?

Our recent TFL pole/thread has expressed a clear 75+% NO to expanded background checks; ie closing gun show "loop holes".
Conversely, I heard from 3 separate radio stations today that the "majority" of NRA members favored expanded background checks.
(Later ID'd as the Quinnipiac Poll)

A) The news outlets are making things up (definitely possible) about the positions of NRA members.
B) We at the TFL, the premier internet firearms forum, are at odds with the general consensus of NRA members.

The difference has caused me to wonder how we at the TFL compare to the much larger membership of the NRA and whether or not we are further Right than the NRA.

Recent Busch news only served to bring TFL/NRA differences to my attention... previous references to it have been deleted, its not relevant.

Your thoughts?

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