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Lucky you. I learned to shoot with one of those (from Sears and Roebuck) when I was 9. Then somebody broke into our cabin, and it was stolen.
I'll tell you a funny.
My niece from Korea came to live with us awhile and get some school in here in Arizona. I wished she could have stayed longer, but the school folded and we couldn't find another that would work so she had to go home.

But while she was here, I got that girl out to the range so she could do something almost no other Korean girls ever get to do. Shoot a real gun.

Of course I figured that my old .22 was good enough for me, it would be good enough for her. Wrong, we tried, she tried, but it was so slow going shooting one round, pulling back the bolt, trying to get another skinney little .22lr round into the breach, chambering, aiming, shooting again. She could only get one or two shots off before they would call cease fire again to go check targets.

A couple of tries and I pulled that old dog off the line and brought out my AR-15 and she was ear to ear grinning and having a blast in no time. My old first gun is just my old first gun, but it isn't the best thing to learn on any more.
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