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I remember when: rookie years

This thread is about the funny things we've done when we first started shooting and were a little less informed to say the least. I haven't been on in a while so I just thought I'd shoot the breeze a little bit

I remember the first time I cleaned my guns. I hadn't discovered the wonders of internet searching. So what did I do? Of course I went to Walmart and bought a "Universal Gun Cleaning Kit". It came with a 3 piece cleaning rod, brush heads, funny pieces of black plastic (jags), and a small box full of "cleaning patches". I took those cleaning patches, sat down with the gun and started scrubbing the action thinking "man, why do shooters like to use these tiny little pieces of cloth to clean their guns?" I went through about 10 of those little patches with my fingers getting about as dirty as the patches were.

(learning about safety is something we also grow in, hope you all haven't had many mishaps along with the funny instances)
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