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Sevens, I appreciate your input very-very much!
Here are my thoughts: I am new to revolvers (even though I am not new to shooting targets) and I would be hesitant to buy a used firearm. That thought kind of put the end to K-frame guns which I seem to like best size wise. However if a firearm indeed looks as good as new and only was shot a few hundred times I doubt anything could be seriously wrong with it, especially when it comes to a revolver. I am into target shooting, thus shooting 357 makes no sense to me. .38 is cheaper and have same effect on the target :-) However 357 is a nice option to have as this would be a self defense gun as well (hopefully never used for self defense, of course). But a precision aiming and comfort would be top priorities for me. This is 6" barrel, which is advantage fror aiming. On 6" 686 and aiming was excellent. I assume I'll get same kind of aiming here with a little less weight, which would be perfect. I'll contact the seller. While I feel a little weird of paying for the older model almost the same money as can pay for new and "improved" one, I see your points as well and appreciate them.
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