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It'd probably be pretty involved, but if someone actually did this, moved for a month to get a license, then let their lease expire to resume living in their previous residence, and the CLEO in their original jurisdiction did revoke the license for no other reason than they wouldn't have approved it:

This would imply:
  • his authority over another jurisdiction
  • a major hole in due process, as the SAME citizen is being treated differently on Main Street than Third Avenue
  • could disturb/reopen Kachalsky v Cacase by presenting the facts in a new light on P and I grounds (Or P OR I grounds, using discussion from it's drafting)- if
    By definition, “proper cause” must exceed the self-defense interest citizens ordinarily hold.
    here, but not 100 yards away given urban sprawl.
  • As the MA State constitution has enshrined a right to keep and bear arms independent of a militia clause, but for the common defense, this incorrectly implies the Chief Law Enforcement Officer has the authority to prevent a law-abiding citizen from bearing arms in the defense of himself and his fellow citizens in the traditions of hue and cry.

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