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Todays ammo costs

How many people have tried purchasing 22 or 223 ammo the past 2-3 months? I am so sick of these bloated prices by websites that prior to Christmas were sportsman friendly..Now they say we are selling a brick of cheap Remington 22 ammo that was 20-22 dollars for 50-60 dollars..They say "the price has gone up" thats why..I have a family member that works for a major hunting/sporting goods company. This company has large stores with hundreds of animal mounts displayed. (not sure if names are allowed) and he told me the price has gone up but not more than about 10%-15%...Anything over that is greed and capitalizing on the situation..All I will say is remember these ammo sites and stores doing this to us..Then only buy from the ones that sold ammo for the regular prices....
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