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The roots of liberal America are suck deepest in our universities. The young are so easy to manipulate, their idealist world views and lack of real experience make young students vulnerable to manipulation and their energy is so dynamic it can truly be a force.

It is part of every revolutionary's handbook, start at the universities, get the youth involved, make them your patsies for change. They will make more then enough noise for you to move around and cause other trouble almost unnoticed.

It's so easy to focus the young on the government and big business as evil entities. You can lay every evil in the world right at their feet and these students will believe it, and they will do almost anything you ask to right the wrong and stop the injustice.

Mom and dad don't understand, they don't know anything. Everything is already, by definition, someone else' fault, who better to point fingers at then big business and the government.

It is so easy to make them believe that the NRA is a mouthpiece for the big evil ... what was the term?... Military-Industrial Complex. Big business on the rough side of the tracks. And they so easily think of gun owners as back woods hicks, uneducated and in need of leadership and enlightenment.

It never occurs to them to challenge what they are told by these liberals, that maybe the NRA actually does represent gun owners and that gun owners really do make up a huge part of the population, and that we do know what a keyboard is.
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