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Breakingcontact, the OP has a DA-only version, so his does not have an external safety. However, I agree that those with slide mounted safeties are a bit awkward to use. Not my favorite, but with P38's, Berettas, S&Ws using them I had to make myself get proficient in using them.

I agree that the DA-only versions of the 3rd gen S&W guns have a very nice trigger. Actually, all the 3rd gen guns have nice trigger pulls, but with the DA/SA versions (which most are) the DA trigger is not as short and light as on the DA only guns. Or so my memory tells me.

My 1076 has a different slightly trigger than the normal S&W 3rd gen guns, since this is the one with the SIG-style frame mounted decocker. The decocker does not lower the hammer all the way down, which the slide mounted safety/decocker does on most of the 3rd gen guns. The DA trigger on the 1076 seems a little shorter after it has been decocked.

All in all, this line of guns is a great one. I keep wanting to buy more of them!

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