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Actually let me back track, the requirements for a warrant may not be incorporated either. You may not have to affirm by oath or affidavit everywhere, I'd have to look that up.

Of course all of this sidetracks us from the point I was making, in that too many of us don't really know what our rights are.

Or the actual conversation we were having so without further ado:
Clearly, it can't be just SCOTUS. It requires a change in the way that the law is understood. I'm not saying it's going to happen.
Oh I think it'll happen somewhat. It already is. There's a pendulum to politics, and a pendulum to the courts. They've already started to narrow the commerce clause. That trend may or may not continue, I don't know. I think it's in our best interests to engage Mr. Gura, M. Tresmond, and others to assist that process as much as they directly challenge firearms specific laws.
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