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I just wonder how these two were not being watched. They had apparently made a lot of youtube videos calling for violent jihad.
I havealso been hearing that the Saudi that was initially questioned is very quietly being deported as a danger to the US and is indeed involved in this. Apparently half dozen or so Congressional people have seen the document and confirmed it. I heard this at first on Tuesday, I think, from Hannity who reported his official sources had confirmed it and now another ...Beck, says his sources say the same thing.
This does make some sense. Saudi terror groups do have links to Chechnyan terror groups. Remember the Soviet school massacre a few years ago? Those Islamic Chechnyans were supported by Saudis. We all know the sympathetic leanings of our fearless leader and how we bend over for the Saudi government so I don't think it far fetched at all.
If we had a decent media doing it's job they would grab this and embarrasas the hell out of this regime.
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