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308 semi auto vs bolt rifle

i see there are semi auto AND bolt rifle sections above but i'm not sure this fits in either so i will put this here and hope it is ok.

i am in the market for a new 308 rifle. i am looking for good long range accuracy. my question, is one format better suited to long range accuracy than the other? it used to be a no brainer that the bolt rifle would be the most accurate but not so much anymore. for example i have wanted a bolt rifle in 223/556 and yet my colt ar-15 shoots sub (very sub) moa and is (i feel) much more versatile.

i would like a sniper grade 308, something like the savage tacticle rifle. i am now seeing semi auto ar-10 type rifles like those from dpms that are supposed to shoot very well which makes my choice seem much harder.

given the 2 types and brands of rifles mentioned or others in their price range is there a REAL difference in accuracy between the 2 typed of guns ?
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