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Originally Posted by Spats McGee
I would add one more use for suppressors: training. While I am not a certified trainer (by any stretch of the imagination), I could easily see that suppressed rifles would be useful in training young shooters. The reduced noise would allow them to develop trigger control without developing the flinch that comes from the much louder (unsurpressed) bang.
Which is a great point. I start out novice shooters on my suppressed .223 because many of them are concerned about recoil and a suppressor acts as a super-effective muzzle brake while reducing blast. However, when we move to unsuppressed .223, almost all of them start to flinch until they get readjusted, even if the unsuppressed gun also has a brake.

Originally Posted by Kochman
Doubtful... negative effects on accuracy/range that really provide zero benefit.
There are no negative effects to range caused by a modern suppressor. Nobody uses wipes anymore. The only downside to accuracy is the issue of maintaining a steady position with an extra 20oz of weight at the far end of a long lever - so basically, only standing unsupported shots.
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