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JimDandy, I think you overstate the case a bit.

I dislike handouts and unending benefit programs. OTOH, I am all for programs that involve job training, and a tapering of benefits as earnings increase. I am not opposed to subsidized daycare, to enable single parents to work. I think many of us "heartless" types feel that way - we don't mind helping people help themselves get back on their feet; we resent those who think we owe them unending help while they do nothing to earn it.

I know very few people who are ok with the idea of malnourished kids, for instance, yet there are quite a few on the other side who would like to paint that picture.

So, I think fewer of those on the right than you might expect would object to subsidizing training and permit requirements.

Actually, I think you would have a hard time finding something with more Libertarian support than the FairTax enjoys, and FairTax is based on a graduated system where low wage earners actually get assistance.
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