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Originally Posted by Kochman
You have described no legitimate use for a nuclear briefcase, yet the legitimate use for a suppressor has been described to you repetitively.
I don't find it legit in the least... given the existence of earplugs.

I do not believe you understand the statements to which you respond.

That earplugs exist categorically cannot bear on the legitimacy of the use to which a suppressor is put. This is not a subjective observation. This is not something you may find legitimate or not.

A use, legitimate on its face, has been described.

Originally Posted by Kochman
Suppressors are used to make your position less clear, keep people from hearing your shot, etc.
Here you refer to the motivation of a person for using a suppressor, not what a suppressor itself does. That you may describe malevolent applications for a suppressor does not make your descriptions comprehensive.

You have not addressed the facially legitimate uses for suppressors.

You indicated that you would respond to Spats' inquiry once you received an answer regarding the nuclear briefcase. You have received that answer

You are now free to respond to the pending question:

Why do suppressors "need" to stay on the NFA list?
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