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Not to hijack this thread...but that is what I am doing. In regard to lead bullets, it is notable that Elmer Keith designed his style of cast bullets with the intention of producing the most effective style of bullet. However, recent research has shown that the sharp shoulder only cuts a sharp hole in paper. When game animals and presumably human targets are struck, the sharp shoulder does not contact flesh. Such claims made, have been backed up by tests of applying bullet lube to the shoulder and shooting it into ballistic gel and presumably game. The recovered bullets will still have the bullet lube intact on the shoulder, where as, if it made contact with the flesh/ballistic gel, it should have been wiped away by the impact. Further, experiments have shown that the larger the meplate of the bullet, the bigger the effect on flesh, etc. Therefore, flat, large meplate on a cast bullet seems to be the feature most relative to effectiveness of lead bullets. They certainly are superior to Kieth Type bullets when it comes to reloading.
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