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Referencing the people locked in their homes; What are the gun laws in Boston. I've read this:
"There are a total of 5 licenses one can receive in Massachusetts. An RFID, which is a restricted license only permits the individual to carry mace or pepper spray; an FID, which allows only long rifles, mace, and pepper spray; a Class B license which only permits the purchase of long rifles and hand guns with small chambers (no more than 10 rounds.) Concealment of weapons is not allowed with a Class B license.

Class A licenses allow for an individual to purchase any legal fire arm in the state of Massachusetts with concealment privileges granted. The 5th license, according to Massachusetts law on guns, is only issued for automatic weapons and can only be obtained if a law enforcement position is held.

A license of ownership must be present at the time of application or purchase. Class A and B carrying licenses take 30 days to process and require the individual to be at least 21 years of age. All weapons and firearms licenses require applications, fees, interviews, and fingerprints to be conducted at the jurisdiction's local police department. The integration of law enforcement in the license process makes Massachusetts gun control unique and rigorous."

Someone in Boston, just how difficult is it to get all the necessary items for home protection? Is it more difficult than the above info? I know if I were guarding my family right now, I would feel much better being rifle ready instead of kitchen knife ready.
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