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JD brought up a rare, but still kind of silly reason... as there are generally noise ordnances based on time of day
I said it was rare, not silly. Noise ordinances are typically municipal, and would not apply to a neighborhood in vaguely rural vaguely urban unincorporated county land. Nor do they reduce the likelihood of a cranky and interfering neighbor abusing the local regulatory and law enforcement agencies from harassing disliked neighbors. Most of the time these "neighborhoods" comprise hobby farms, and do not have a full range of municipal services like waste removal, or sewer and water, either.

I further put it to you that words like "fringe" imply condescension and ostracization, taking an admonishment of disagreed upon behavior into the realm of bullying. I am not always right. But, neither are you.

"Need" isn't enough, for a lot of things. "Want" isn't, either.
  • No one needs a PC to engage in free speech.
  • No one needs an automobile to engage in the right/liberty of travel.
  • No one needs a church to pray.
  • No one needs to concealed carry because they can open carry.
  • No single individual needs a 4 bedroom house.
  • No one needs to see an action/horror/thriller movie.

I believe I've established there are a VAST number of things one does not NEED, yet are currently available to the masses.

What about the things that only SOME people NEED? Or only some people don't? And Equal Protection?
  • Vegans don't need meat. Should we all give up bacon?
  • Most of America no longer needs the 13th amendment.
  • Male college athletes around the country have very little need for Title IX
  • Sara Brady has no need for the second amendment
  • Homeless people have no need of the third amendment
  • Mormons have no need for the 21st amendment
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