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Originally Posted by Kochman
I'll elaborate, because my implication was missed...
If it was missed, it's because implications don't carry over all that well on internet posts.
Originally Posted by Kochman
"Want" and "Need" are typically interchangeable... to people who argue ridiculous points like they are protecting people around them out of the goodness of their hearts while claiming to "need" a suppressor, when really it comes down to just wanting it.

People around you at a shooting environment are responsible for taking steps to help their own hearing... via earplugs, etc. You aren't suprised when you are in a sustained firing environment where the decibels are loud enough and near enough to damage you, you have to go there AND stay there consciously.
Perhaps the most accurate statement would be "I need a way to protect my hearing and that of those around me. I want a suppressor to do it." So? What makes it anyone else's business if I do that with earplugs, muffs, a suppressor, or some combination of all of the above?

So what if others know that I'll be shooting? Should I not be considerate of them? Should I be required to impair my own hearing (such as with muffs or earplugs), when a suppressor would serve the same function without doing that?

Now, Kochman, I've asked this a few times, and you've just flat ignored it: What does need have to do with it? Why do suppressors "need" to stay on the NFA list?
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