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Take it from someone who was in Watertown less than 100 yards from the major shootout. I am in no way upset with the city that it is on lockdown and police and FBI are asking us to stay in our houses. They are not only searching for him, but IED's that they threw out their car on the side of the road. This kid is armed and dangerous, wont hesitate to kill or take hostages, has no regard for human life at all, and is pretty damn elusive. Watertown is 4 square miles, there were road blocks, choppers FBI, dogs, local police, state police, and I am sure CIA, and they somehow have still not found him.

I posted this last night in another thread as it was going on.

Huge shootout going on in my hometown as we speak. Hundreds of rounds fired 4 streets over from me about an hour ago, multiple explosions (news reporting grenades or IED's). Literally a warzone, absolutely crazy. One officer killed at MIT campus, a good friend of mine who is an LEO was on the scene and the officer died in his arms. Kind of surreal this is hitting so close to home. News reporting could potentially be Boston Marathon bombing suspects, police scanners are saying they are now looking for the suspect identified in the marathon photos in the white hat. One suspect apprehended, the other still on the loose and officers are doing door to door searches. Sure glad I have enough guns for my whole family.
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