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Originally Posted by Kochman
Originally Posted by Spats McGee
To protect my hearing.
Aren't earplugs way cheaper, lighter, and more effective?
Cheaper? Yes, in part (but not primarily) due to the $200 tax stamp imposed by the NFA.
Lighter? Yes.
More effective? Not necessarily. Lots of variables here, like whether one uses a round specifically designed for suppressed use.

You didn't ask if there was a cheaper, lighter, more effective way to accomplish my alleged need. Besides, it's not like suppressors and ear plugs are mutually exclusive.

Again, what does need have to do with this? I want one. Isn't that enough?

Originally Posted by Kochman
The reason for a suppressor is so that OTHER people don't hear it. Let's not beat around the bush here.
I don't think you've got any basis for changing MY stated "need" for a suppressor, but I'll go with it for a minute. If your statement is true, then I "need" to protect the hearing of those with whom I hunt or go to the range. Responsbile gun owners ought to be considerate of those around them when shooting.

Originally Posted by Kochman
So, other than assassination, and night time poaching/hunting, why would one need that?
Range shooting, particularly indoors. They help protect my hearing and the hearing of those around me.

What does need have to do with it?
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