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I have their standard dot as the front sight on my sp101 - which didn't have a rear to begin with - and it's rather spectacular. I can pick up the sights fast, and speed (DA) shooting silhouettes @ 10 yards my shots are all within COM, so I don't have any complaints there.
For more - and I'm talking in relative terms here - precision shooting it took some getting used to, but I can hit COM @25yds, which is all I really expect/need/can do with a snub anyway.

Very insightful. (lol)

I actually agree with you. In that for self defense they are great. I was really considering them.

Though how I see it..Is that it's fast. Really fast in moving from target to target. Which in my experience doesn't really require looking directly at the front sight. But with the XS big dot, your peripheral catches it. Which is outstanding.

So CQC it's good to go. That base is covered.

What if for the sake of conversation and for never knowing what will truly happen..You need to make a farther shot and/or are holding down on someone and need to make a precise shot? I don't feel (while other who practice a lot with XS's sight do) feel confident in taking a precise shot with them. I feel I shouldn't have to ruin myself when I'm already trained and tuned to the standard 3-dot sight. ("don't fix what ain't broke")

I feel I have more bases loaded with the Trijicon HD's. I have the same peripheral pick up on it's front sight and the precise 3-dot for long shots, in the event (God forbid) I may ever have to.

Anyone want to add?
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