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So do you feel that the SP101 is too cramped for its caliber size or that too many corners are cut in production? Also, do you feel that while better than lighter J-Frame competitors, the SP101 is simply overwhelmed by .357 magnum? If so, do you think it would be a good fit for the lighter .327 magnum?
The quality on the two I have owned was good. It is slightly too large and heavy for its five shot capacity, which makes it a belt gun. It is almost a K Frame. The crane is a bit short for fast speed loads with standard grips (it may be fine with relieved wood stocks, which I never had). It does have a pinned front sight, but that should be updated with a more modern system that allows for easier changes. I found recoil to be fine with 110 grain bullets, harder with 125's and icky with heavier bullets.

I think the SP101 in 327 would be very nice, but I am not setup for it. I also like the version in 22 LR for range use.

If Ruger would add a rear sight, chamfer the charge holes, dump the grips, and update the front sight, and make it hold six rounds, then they would have a much better gun. They should also offer night sights from the factory.

Maybe the six shot version would turn it into one of their older designs, but I am not familiar with those frame sizes. If they made it the size of a 640, I would buy one. I am not convinced that plastic frames are good for revolvers (and the chopped up cylinder is effing UGLY).

FYI, I carry an Alaskan in 44 Magnum in the appendix position on occasion. That gun just ROARS with any round going 1200+ FPS. Even the Speer Gold Dot Shot Barrel 240's @1075 feel hot. It too needs night sights, chamfered charge holes, and a modern front sight mechanism. I did email their President asking for an Alaskan with 3.5" barrel wrapped in the frame. That would look neat and get a bit more performance.

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