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they shut down mass transit etc to try and keep this terrorist contained and from causing mass casualties somewhere like trains or buses before they catch him. They want people off the streets and to stay indoors and locked to decrease the liklihood he takes hostages etc. and kills again. He and his brother carjacked a guy last night so that is the reason for checking any cars trying to travel in the area.As for searching homes, I haven't seen that report but they may very well have searched some in the immediate vicinity of where the second terrorist was last seen to make sure he wasn't hiding inside with hostages. If they had a good reason to think he was in a home, yes they could enter w/o a warrant. Most likely they are going to homes and knocking and asking if they residents are okay, seen any one suspicious people, etc and asking to check inside. It is a emergency situation covered under exigent circumstances for public safety. If they didn't do any of these things and this terrorist blows up a train or bus killing other innocents then some people will be screaming about why didn't they take these actions and precautions.

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