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My wife just had to have one. She liked the way it felt in the gun shop (she works there). She fired 3 rounds at a range and pronounced it good. Now she complains about the weight in her purse with both mags loaded. And the recoil. Tried to tell her, but you know wome...well, you know. Anyway, all this is well and good as I've been waiting for all this to happen so as to get my hands on it.

Great thing is it functions (so far) with the 200 gr. SWC's I use in my 1911's. Was hoping for that. Our only XD and understand earlier models don't always do so. Need to find a couple of 7 round mags (have 2 fives). Nifty little carry gun.

Afterthought: would have preferred a white front sight. Can't see the stock one too well in dim light and don't want nite sites.
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