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Another new XDs .45 owner

Well, I finally bit the bullet and picked up an XD-s. I held one before I bought my XDm .45 compact a year ago, and chose the XDm due to the fact it would be my only handgun, and needed to fill the role of nightstander, EDC, and range gun. Now that I have an XD 9 for a range toy and the XDm for a nightstander (when the slide gets back from Springfield to get the front sight off), I decided that an XD-s as a carry could be justified.

Impressions from the first few rounds out of it.. it kicks more than I expected. I can handle it, but all the reviews and articles made me expect about the same wrist workout that the XDm gives me. I should have known better LOL. I will be ordering a Pachmayr sleeve shortly for it, for now I robbed the handall from my Kel-Tec.

I like the trigger, even without a break-in it's a little crisper than my other Springfield pistols. I also like the sights, would be nice to have a Fiber Optic rear sight as well, but for out-of-the-box having any is a plus.

I'd post pics, but strangely enough it looks just like everyone else's XD-s .45. I guess I'll take some shots of the collection when the slide for the other one gets back.

I paid $525 for it for what it's worth, at a local gun shop! I probably wouldn't have picked it up if it had been much more.
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