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New Member and New Shooter Just Showing Off Burgeoning Collection

Hi all! Just wanted to introduce myself and post some pictures of the beginnings of my collection. Still pretty new to all this, not much gun experience besides learning how to shoot a .22 when I was younger, but I inherited my old .22 and my grandfather's shotgun a few months ago and the addiction has hit me like a steam train

Pic of my long guns, with descriptions of each underneath from top down:

First is my Model 25 .22 Marlin, it's labeled a Glenfield. Not sure what year but it's in pretty solid shape. It originally belonged to a family friend before he died when I was a kid, this is the gun I learned to shoot on and it's been so much fun shooting it again! The scope is a recent addition.

Second is a Remington Model 1100 20g. It was one of my Grandfathers deer hunting guns and the only object he left me. Not sure how old it is, it was in my moms house for 10 years after he died till one day she called asking when I was ever going to pick up my shotgun, had no idea she had it lol. I pretty sure he owned it for at least 10 years before he died. He was super anal about his guns and it's in almost unfired condition. Don't plan on shooting it much, it's worth more to me as an heirloom but I did take to to the range and it performed flawlessly.

Third is my 1943 Mosin-Nagant Ex-Sniper. This is the first gun I picked out and purchased myself. Pretty sure it was issued based on the condition and the wear on the rifling but im not an expert by any means. By far my favorite gun to shoot, so much fun!

Last is my Mossberg Maverick 88 Security 12g I bought as my home defence gun. Took it to the range for the first time and the damn thing almost dislocated my shoulder! Ordered a limbsaver for it and will have to practice allot more with it before id even consider leaving it loaded for a defence situation.

Also just bought this guy, a Tokarev TT33. Really wanted to have the right sidearm to go with my Mosin lol. Have a little experience shooting revolvers but this will be my first semi-auto, super excited! No CWL yet so it's at the store still, pick it up Friday. It's so clean im pretty sure it was unissued.

The bug has hit me hard, not sure where to go from here but im really enjoying the WW2 stuff! Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!

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