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Suppressors make sense for helping to save hearing, as has been mentioned before, and I have seen them used to by fathers at the range with their kids teaching them to shoot. The larger point is though, why are they classified as NFA and what is the grounds for the reluctance to remove them from being listed as NFA items?

I heard, read, that the reason they were added was that because they were used during the Great Depression by poachers trying to feed their families. (Note: I totally accept that this may be an "Old wives tale" and would appreciate it if anyone knows the real reason to post it.)

Maybe not a repeal of the NFA, but reduce it somewhat.
Re-open the registry, remove suppressors as NFA items, remove the $200 tax stamp, and replace the FBI background check with the NICS background check. Maybe it is just me but I don't see the logic in a differentiated background check system. If NICS verifies that you meet the necessary conditions for practicing your Second Amendment rights then further background checks serve no purpose other than to discourage citizens and unnecessarily delay the process.

And the Tax Stamp, I keep hoping that the day arrives that the Supreme Court changes enough, replacing Justices; that a new court will revisit, or look anew, at an argument that a tax on constitutional rights in unconstitutional on the same, or similar, grounds that a poll tax in unconstituional.

I will admit I was a little surprised that Manchin-Toomey did not pass, I watched the vote on C-Span. But, even if it did I did not expect it to make it through the House.
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