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I refer to Hatcher on the subject of Low Number M1903s, he found a few bad production runs but most of the Low Number M1903s were in service for years
with no problems, and the troops back then did a lot more shooting.
Hatcher had good reasons not to show what a criminally negligent decision the Army made in keeping single heat treat actions in service. In 1947 he is 59 years old, looking to work to work for at least another decade, if not longer. He is qualified to run a military organization, but that is the job he just quit. He is also very qualified to lobby a military organization and he is well placed with the NRA from all the years he wrote articles and dope bag replies.

Money is an excellent incentive for people. I don’t know the 1940’s salaries of anyone and even if I did, inflation would make the number look paltry. So in terms of today’s money, the salary of a MG General with 10 years in Grade: with allowances, about $161, 712 per year. Assuming a 75% retirement for 30 years service, retired MG Hatcher would be getting $121, 284 per year. Not bad at all.

However, if he was to get a job at the NRA his compensation would really go up. MG Hatcher became the Director of the Executive Board, a job title which has changed, but basically, he ran the NRA. The President’s job is primarily ceremonial unless the guy wants to be involved.

Current Salaries of NRA Executives:

Executive Director NRA General Operations $1,027,217
NRA Executive VP = $845, 469 per year
Executive Director for Legislative Action: $588, 412.

So lets assume in 1947 that the job Hatcher was interviewing for was equivalent to the Executive Director for Legislative Action . If you are looking at a $600K a year job, and one big, big job requirement for that position is outstanding relations with the military, it will not help your job prospects to make the Army Ordnance Department look stupid in your latest book.
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