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When I was more nervous about the momentum of these bills and the potential for the national registration of semi-autos in the NFA registry I was real excited for the prospect of some Senator (NOT MINE!) to introduce a little innocuous amendment to reopen the MG registry that closed in 1986. Fine, I'll register my semi's and I will happily apply for 5 stamps to cover NEW production full-autos at actual real-world retail prices e.g. $2K for an M16A3/4 NOT 20K for a 1970's vintage M16/A1. And a replica BAR... and something beltfed...

Wouldn't that be their nightmare? You get national registration of semi-autos but the number of transferable full-autos will quintuple in a week! Then we could continue to demonstrate that NFA items are so exquisitely rarely used in criminal acts.

I find this to me more realistic than outright repeal of NFA. Also, NO ONE give them ideas RE indexing tax stamps to or adjusting for past inflation. Please.
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