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Here is a true story of a ricochet bagging an antelope. It really happened.

I was using my S&W 626 Classic .44 mag while hunting Pronghorn. A nice buck was standing broadside at what I estimated to be about 40 yards. Using a rest, I squeezed, and watched the bullet hit a rock directly under the goats front legs. About 16" low! The range was actually 65 yards, and I had misjudged.

Well, the antelope ran over the hill, so I decided to see if I could put another sneak on it. When I reached the top of the hill, about 30 yards down the other side was laying a very sick buck! Another shot put him down for good.

Field dressing reviled that the bullet that hit the rock had fragmented and the fragments ricocheted into the antelope's gut. Many of the lead fragments had penetrated the stomach and liver!

Believe it or not! (But I have witnesses!)
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