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the Gibbs rifle is not a faithful reproduction of the standard springfield rifle. it's sometimes refered to as an A4-gery as they take a standard 1903A3 rifle, which was the standard WWII issue springfield variant and they modify the bolt handles to allow for scopes. they replace the original barrels and stocks that still hold historical value with brand new production parts and drill holes in the receiver destroying any chance of reverting back to original condition and finish by slapping on your every day leupold/redfield 1 piece scope mount and reproduction scope that is such a poor replica the turrets are backwards.

Any historical significance to the rifles Gibbs converts was gone when the bolts were welded shut and the magazine disconnecter was welded closed. Those are former drill rifles Gibbs is turning back in to shooters.

They also don't make A4s out of all of them, they sell A3s as well.
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