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Southern AZ Deer

Hey all. I didn't get drawn for elk this year, so I need some deer advice. Im down in the Yuma area. How found herds of 5-6 does but no bucks. I am seeing mulies, but also coues but no bucks. I realize its not the rut, but I am seeing no bucks. A few fawns, so they have to be around. I am putting in for bow so I need to get fairly close (40m or less). Can anyone confirm the rut for coues and mulies down here? Also any advice on why I spend four to five hours on a horse and in the truck crawling all over that area and see no bucks? Over hunted? I mean I know they grow distant after breeding but, I am having a tough time. Am a northern Az boy, so this place is new to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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