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I went thru "which gun" with my buddy's girl friend recently...

She was in her 30's ...and fired some guns / but didn't own one of her we accumulated a number of guns in our collections in 9mm and .38spl/.357 mag .....( we thought she'd really like both 1911's and the Sig 239 ):

Sig 239 ...single 9mm
Sig 239 .40S&W
Sig 226 ...double stack, all stainless in 9mm
Sig 226 in .40S&W
Kimber 1911 4", alloy frame, in 9mm
Wilson Combat 5", steel gun, in 9mm
Wilson Combat 5", steel gun in .45 acp
S&W K frame ( .357 mag ) ...model 66 in 2 1/2", and one in 4" and one in 6"
S&W L frame ( .357 mag ) model 686 in 4"...
S&W N frame ( .357 mag ) in 4" and 6"....
We excluded anything in .40S&W or .45 acp ( she thought she wanted a .45 acp for some reason - internet chats)...

When we first got there ...she liked the look of the 2 1/2" and 4" revolvers...hated the look of the Sig 239 ...thought the Sig 226 was very cool in all stainless.

She didn't like the long trigger pull on any of the revolvers....regardless of what grips we put on them ...even in .38 spl.

She thought the 5" 1911 was too heavy...
She thought the Sig 239 DA had a difficult trigger..too long to pull / 10 lb was too heavy. She thought the 226's were too heavy, too wide..and didn't like the DA trigger pull.

She thought the 1911 4", alloy frame, Kimber was pretty good....
We will take the Kimber back to the range for her a couple more times...let her continue to compare it to other 9mm's...until she finds something she likes.
Bottom line buddy will let her ultimately pick what she likes the best ...and then he'll buy it !!
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