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Need a set screw

I recently emailed S&W about the rear sight on my M&P .22 pistol. I had asked them if they had a two dot sight to replace the factory one and they replied that they would send me a new one no charge. Sweet. When it came in I removed the old one and slid the new one in but the original set screw would not work. It was like it was different threads. It would go in about a half turn or so then stop. I went to two different gun stores, one being the biggest in town with a decent gunsmith and no luck with either. I then went to Lowes and a locally owned hardware store and no luck with them either. So I emailed S&W back that the sight they sent didn't come with any set screw. In the mean time I found what I thought was the corresponding set screw (108010000) at Brownellss to go with the rear sight S&W sent me (390800000 was handwritten on the baggie).

S&W finally responded that they would send me a screw but I'd already ordered one from Brownells. Oh well, I'll have a spare. When the Brownells screw arrived I started threading it in and it went much further then the original one but about half way in it got tougher to turn. As I kept turning it to try to get it to poke through the other side, my hex wrench slipped. And then slipped again. I'd stripped it out. I had to get some needle nose pliers to back it out.

The fedex tracking for the S&W screw says the postal service delivered it yesterday. They didn't.

Question one - I thought I was using the right size hex wrench but apparently not. Is it a hex or maybe a star? Anyone know what size?

Question two - Where can I find a set screw that won't cost me $8 from Brownells. Kind of expensive for a 0.25 cent screw. I hate to keep bugging S&W for free stuff.
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