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Find some folks who shoot military bolt matches or CMP matches and visit with them. Very often one will come up for sale that is clean and serviceable. Not too long ago I was offered a sportered 03A3 (attending a different shooting event) at a reasonable price, so I took it. I retrofitted it back original (had left over parts and wood from another project), and other than the holes that were D&Td for the scope, it is back in 'as issued' dress. I sold it to a fellow club member who wanted to shoot the mil bolt matches with us, and he is having a great time.
I love doing that. a friend of mine had a seriously bubba'd 1903MK1 and had been told it was a sniper rifle and he took the guy for his word, I felt bad telling him the truth about it but I offered to make it into an A-forgery since I had a spare A3 stock laying around from restoring a 1903A4 I had as a spring project. the bolt handle was out of specs forcing a very large inlet into the stock and as this was a 1903MK1 receiver instead of A3 receiver I had issues adapting the handguard and handguard ring to the rifle but overall it made a really fun project and he loves it now.
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